Oborotu, Obotebe in tears as Akala 51 journeys home – Liberator News

Oborotu, Obotebe in tears as Akala 51 journeys home – Liberator News

By egbemavoice.blogspot.com

The entire people of Oborotu in Iduwini Kingdom, Delta State and Obotebe, all in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State have been thrown into deep mourning and tears as Chief Lucky Preboye, popularly known as Akala, as he goes to the land of no return. 

Chief Lucky Preboye, the Darekoro 1 of Iduwini Kingdom, Delta State was aged 51 with three children and a wife. 

Until his mysterious death that became a news on the 24th of December 2018, he was a renowned Niger Delta freedom fighter, a patriot, philanthropist and a big time contractor in the Maritime sector, particularly the security aspect of it. He had worked closely with different personalities within and outside the region in the escort of tug boats, barges and even ships. 

Akala had used his hard earned resources in the transformation of many lives within and outside the Niger Delta on those that came in contact with him. 

The sudden death of Chief Lucky is so painful that his burial yesterday at Ofougbene in Burutu Local Government Area nearly caused other issues as his loved ones and family members could not hold back their tears.

It would be recalled that Akala died while his mother and father is still alive. 

Before he was taken to the grave, Ofougbene became a river of tears from friends, family and loved ones who came in their large numbers to bid him farewell.

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