The Inauguration of Ajakurama community Executives February 17th, 2019.

The Inauguration of Ajakurama community Executives February 17th, 2019.

Ajakurama the traditional headquarter of Egbema Kingdom,  situated in Ovia South West / Warri North local Government Area of Edo/Delta states, Nigeria, West Africa.

Brief Historical Background.
Ajakurama clan has 76 communities, villages and hamlets, all the communities scattered across Edo and Delta states respectively. Ajakurama community was founded by a fisher woman named Ekpeku. The community is made up of nine (9) ancestral homes (ISEN N’A WARE) which includes ;

Tububiri four ancestral home

Ikoloi warè
Fuń warè
Ideji warè

Oturu Idumu four ancestral home

Lumé warè
Gaegaen warè
Eteyetè waré
Agbidí warè

Tebubiri General ancestral home.

Dokiri warè

Ajakurama is broadly made up of three quarters (Tarau idumu) namely; Oturu-idumu, Tebubiri, and Tububiri. There is a rotational arrangement of the chairmanship position and the general exco amongst the quarters mentioned above. The aforementioned arrangement favours Oturu-idumu to provide the chairman of the community this term 2019. As a result of this arrangement, the community elders, immediately after chief Powei Bainmini  tenure appointed three persons headed by pastor Pere-egbe Seituwa to nominate the new executive that would oversee the affairs of the community for the next three years.
Below are the names of the nominees from the various quarters ;

1. Boarnage Clement Brasana
2. Chief Ikioweri A.Awomu
3. Mr Marvellous Takibuna

Tebubiri Idumu
1. Mr Tuesday Mumbor
2. Mr Pabor Keren
3. Mr Boperigha Sammy Wolo

Tububiri idumu
1. Pastor Pere-egbe A. Seituwa
2. Prince Ikoloi Oyingha Ubula
3. Chief Lastman Tikilikiwei

Ajakurama Clan invites the general public to the inaugural ceremony of the newly nominated members of the executive.
Venue: Ajakurama community.
Date: Sunday 17th February, 2019.
Time :10:00 am
Music by: Iralatei Toikumo
Inauguration party starts by 7:00 pm
Thank you.

Comr. Michael k. K. Ejemi
Ajakurama voice publicity secretary.



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