Son of the struggle chief Diplomats witnessed another 365 days in God kingdom.

Son of the struggle chief Diplomats witnessed another 365 days in God kingdom.


By Egbemavoice

It is my great pleasure to see this wonderful day of another 365 days in my life.  It would be recall that’ life is so precious to every one and hope with out love is useless and love without hope is also useless.

A society can not function with out a genuine human beings. How can we achieve a good society?
(1) By accessing the character of people that want to led us .
(2) By eliminating religious fundamentalists, tribalism and sentimentalists.
(3) Allowing human being with good leadership skills, quality and integrity to lead the society.
(4) open door policy to accommodate all indigenes with out discrimination, Prejudice and stereotyping one another.
(5) Provide enabling environments for all participants to exercise their God given talents with out any barriers  and conditionalities.
(6) understanding the principle of general will.
(7) Giving equal opportunities to all citizens in economy diplomacy and distributive justice, irrespective of tribes, religion, political affiliations, and beliefs system.
(8) My advice to all Christian’s, Muslims and Traditional believers that’ we all need to build a country, we can call home.
Let us look at our similarities in worship. Christian pray, Muslim pray and Traditional believers also pray. Christian experience death, Muslim and Traditional believers also do. Christian experience poverty, Muslim experience poverty and Traditional believers also do. Christian faces unemployment’s, Muslim faces unemployment’s and Traditional believers also do. What are we fighting for as a believers  of difference denominations? What we all need as a human beings is Unity and Love for one another irrespective of your beliefs system. We have no other home than Nigeria, let us come together and build our country called “Nigeria “with respect for one another.

Ladies and gentlemen’s,  I wish to call your attentions to celebrate with me ,on the occasion of my Birth Day Ceremony on the 2nd of March, 2019.

It  is a good things to praise our God, our Heavenly king, the creator of the heaven and the earth, the maker of all things both living and non living element’s .  Join me to celebrate my wonderful birthday called” the second of March, 2019 ” .

I give thanks to God almighty  for keeping me alive to see this wonderful Year 2019.

Congratulation! Congratulation!! Congratulation!!

Happy birth day to me.

Chief Diplomat,
Adam ogomugo Marbo
National President,
Niger Delta Progressive Youth Leadership Foundation (ND-PYLF).
Also the National Deputy Director of Mobilization, Ijaw Youth Council worldwide.
Aka ,the voice of the voiceless.



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