As Saturday March 9 Governorship and Houses of Assembly elections approaches the Fiyewei (Spokesman) of the Great Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State, Chief Godspower GBENEKAMA JP has revealed that militarization of Niger Delta because of the polls is a call for anarchy against the people of the region.

Chief Gbenekama made the revealation known in Warri, Delta State, he also expressed dismay over the call of military to take over the water ways by APC National Chairman and other  chieftains of the party in order to disenfranchise people of the area especially Gbaramatu indigenes and other Riverine communities from exercising their voting rights.

According to him “I have come across both in the print and electronic media,the plan by the ruling party(APC) in the state to influence the party hierarchy at the federal level to send military personnel to the delta state, to ensure that the APC wins the state by all means.I have also read in the news that the President have been making statements as to the need of  taking over Delta state by all means. As for the vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, he said Delta state can not remain in opposition. These statement have been corroborated by the Chairman of the APC Comrade Adams Oshomole, knowing the character of Oshomole am not suprised but the worrisome part in all these is the actions of the President,when he held security meeting with  security chiefs and directed the security chiefs to focus on sending  military personnel to the Niger Delta and to ensure that the men are sent to the region during the Gubernatorial Elections More worrisome is the unguided speech by a  youth during the recent town hall meeting held in Effurun,where he called on the  President to send security men to some riverine local governments areas in Delta state”.

The Gbaramatu Traditional Council Spokesman reiterated that the entire  Gbaramatu Kingdom and its neighbours have been in peace even before and after the Presidential and National Assembly elections, noting that fallacious opinion from some APC members subjecting Bomadi, Burutu and Warri South-West LGAs as area where militants assist PDP to rig elections as facetious lies, he wondered why people are so much in love with crisis, adding that they  will refuse crisis in all its ramifications in the Niger Delta no matter who wants to gain from it. “we are at peace here, the heavy presence of the military as demanded by the APC would not bring any peace but confusion and rancour. what is the wisdom in sending military to a peaceful area when Nigeria has its hands full already with fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram killing people at will, the military and  our President Muhammadu Buhari should direct their energy at those places and restore peace and order that part of the country, that is why he has the legitimacy to preside over the crude oil and gas that is found in my father’s backyard”.

Chief Gbenekama further disclosed that since 2015 when the present administration of APC led federal government came into power, the Niger Delta and  particularly Gbaramatu kingdom have been over militarised, within every two three kilometres,there is a military houseboat all over Warri South-West local government area In Gbaramatu especially every three kilometres,there would be a pair of houseboat, one for the Navy another for the Army across the length and breadth of the kingdom, adding that anyone requesting that more military men be sent to our communities does not wish them  well as the APC have by their actions, “It means,there is a grand design to oppress, subdue and subjugate our people”.

He as well appealed to Delta central to try and be their brothers keeper by adhering to the unwritten understanding  in Delta state where Governors are rotated arround the three Senatorial zones which the last two came from Delta central and Delta south respectively, An Urhobo man Chief James Ibori from Delta central and an Itsekiri man, Dr.Emmanuel Udughaghan from Delta south all served their two tenures  eight years each as allowed by the Nigerian constitution, he noted that Ijaws are one of the largest ethnic nationalities in the state are patiently waiting for their turn,so are the Isokos of Delta south, he urged Urhobos to support Governor Okowa to complete his second tenure if not they should forget 2023 he assured Dr. Okowa of Gbaramatu votes again to continue till 2023.

Chief Gbenekama JP pointed out that the Pere of the Great Gbaramatu Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Oboro Gbaraun 11Aketekpe, Agadegba has directed his subjects to ensure that they peace law and order so as not to give the security agencies the avenue to maltreat them, urging them to mobilize to their various communities to cast their ballot peacefully and make it count without violence, The Great Gbaramatu Monarch warned criminal elements to stay clear from the Kingdom and its environs.



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