DBS Warri, Faces Shutdown Over 10-Point Demand

DBS Warri, Faces Shutdown Over 10-Point Demand

Workers want GM removed
want old Board dessolved

By Celestine Ukah Egbemavoice


Delta Broadcasting Service, Warri, owned by Delta State Government may be shut down in the next one week over issues bothering on outdated or non-availability of relevant technical equipment as well as appalling staff welfare condition our correspondent  can authoritatively report.

A document obtained exclusively by your Soaring International Tabloid revealed that basic protective equipment such as Thunder Arrestor, is not in the state owned electronic media house as the rainy season approaches and air conditioners are not functional in “various offices”.

The document which was signed by leadership of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Comrade Sonia Unobunjo as well as Radio, Television, Theatre and Arts Workers Union, RATTAWU Chaurman, Comrade Isaac Oboh of the station, further exposed the lack of operational vehicles, non-deployment of security personnel to the station’s premises, thus endangering the lives of staff to hoodlums and protesters as well as the nonpayment of the medical claims to workers.

The union continued by saying  that only one month imprest (daily running cost) was paid in 2018, while work on the irritating audio signal output of the FM arm of the station was yet to be completed as at the time of this report.

The two unions have resolved to invite staff in charge of revenue generation and expenditure of the media house to reveal financial details as they gear up “to respect the wishes of staff to resume the suspended work-to-rule action” over their ten-point demands, which also include the non-payment of stipends for services rendered during public holidays.

Workers have also raised concern about the DBS Warri  broken down vehicles, noting that the GM and other may allow it look rotten and request for auction which he the GM will buy sheap as he was said to have bought one of the vehicle five thousand naira and repaired it and put it into use driving same to DBS.

The union further posited that Workers from 14 to 16 doesn’t get any impress to run their offices as well as other incentives.

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DBS Warri, Faces Shutdown Over 10-Point Demand



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