Dein of Agbor Set agenda for Okowa’s second Term

Dein of Agbor Set agenda for Okowa’s second Term

By EV reporter


Dein of Agbor Kingdom in Delta State, His Royal Majesty, Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi the first, has set agenda for Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s second term even as he vowed to continue to defend equity and fairness always.

The monarch who was speaking at his palace during an interactive session with the members of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Indigenous Correspondence Chapel, Delta State Council advised governor Okowa to use his second term to make Nigerians know him more and institutionalised his  name.

He urged governor Okowa to set aside party politics saying human live is supreme and not party politics because party come and go.

Speaking on national unity, the traditional ruler said: “i believe in equity and fairness and i don’t struggle for anything with my brothers. I won’t quarrel with other monarchs because they are Kingdom like mine. We have so many people in Nigeria who believe in a peaceful nation, we also have many who believe in war as well but we must go for peace, what affect any communities affect another.

The monarch expressed gratitude to Nigerians for a successful poll noting that it is a collective efforts that make for a prosperous nation.

“Traditional institutions are very sensitive. I am a lover of law – as monarchs we must be respected in the country because  we were the first the British met on ground before government was created. Government derived their legitimacy from the people.

“Agbor does not take staff of office from government who just came in and want to crown how possible? We must respect the monarchs. Canada is becoming the best country in the world because they recruit the best brains in the world. We have roles as monarchs, my father was a Minister and Olu of Ife was a Governor in this country and things were good then.”

He appealed to Nigerians to live with one another irrespective of the North and South divide maintaining that contrary idea does not make another an enemy.

While noting that politics is about bringing out the best ideas for the people to move forward he insisted that Nigerians needs one another. 

He stressed the importance of change in any society or tradition, adding that any tradition that refuse to change will fade away. “If the world can create weapons of mass destruction they can also create food that can cater for the masses. If your religion is causing you to kill it is not of God. Monarchy is a fatherhood and i must be sensitive to the needs of my people.”

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