Ajakurama the traditional headquarter of Egbema Kingdom, Ovia South West/warri North local Government Area of Edo/Delta  states, Nigeria, West Africa. 

Ajakurama clan has seventh six (76) communities, villages and hamlets, all situated across the coastal Areas, south in Ovia, west in warri, Edo and Delta states, the clan shares  boundaries with Arogbo-Ibe, Abere, Ofunama, Gbeoba, Ogbudugbudu, Gbolukanga, Polobubou and Opuama, respectively. Ajakurama community was founded by a fisher woman named Ekpeku. 

Ajakurama is the seat of the king (PERE IKASI-AMA). 

Ajakurama clan produce the War Lord The Prime Minister  (PEREGBÓLUWEÍ OF Egbema Kingdom)

The Ogumaka 1 

Ogu mi Ka me……The Lion dental set came TRUE HIM.  

The community is made up of nine (9) ancestral homes (ISEN N’A WARE) which includes ; 

Tububiri four ancestral home 

Ogumaka warè

Ikoloi warè

Fuń warè

Ideji warè

Oturu Idumu four ancestral home 

Lumé warè

Gaegaen warè

Eteyetè waré

Agbidí warè

Tebubiri Idumu one ancestral home. 

Dokiri warè

Ajakurama is broadly made up of three quarters (Tarau idumu) namely; Oturu-idumu, Tebubiri, and Tububiri. There is a politically rotational arrangement of the leadership of Ajakurama community,  they are:

The nine Ancestral Home has the head of the house, (ware) the kariwei of the forefathers of the house (ware) is the head of the house. 

The Ajakurama Traditional council headed by the oldest man of the community, the AMA-OKOSU-OWEI of AJAKURAMA, it rotates within the three quarters. The oldest man that quarter automatically the AMA-OKOSU-OWEI of the community. 

The community chairmanship and Youth president position also rotational arrangement for three quarters of the Ajakurama town 

Ajakurama community politically situated in Ofunama ward, with population of 10millions according to the National population commission 2006 census head count, .



Distinguished  Ladies and gentlemen, 
THE Vice president 
THE General secretary, 
The patron and matron. 
The Advisers, 
The Executive members.

I  sincerely welcome everyone to this first General meeting of the year,  tagged “Delta 2019” 
I apologize for the delay of the first General meeting in this year, due to the 2019 General election postponment, I welcome you back from the  general elections.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is new year with new ambition, my brief speech is to Encourage  all sons and daughters of Ajakuramites that spend there precious time for  Ajakuramavoice General meeting. Ajakuramavoice is a community of interest, or interest-based community, is a community of people who share a common interest or passion. These people exchange ideas and thoughts about the given passion, but may know (or care) little about each other outside this area. Participation in  Ajakuramavoice community of interest can be compelling, entertaining and create a Ajakuramavoice where people return frequently and remain for extended periods. Frequently, they cannot be easily defined by a particular geographical area of meet ,


In other words, “a Ajakuramavoice community of interest is a gathering of people assembled around a topic of common interest. Its members take part in the community to exchange information, to obtain answers to personal questions or problems of the community , to improve their understanding of a subject, to share common passions of Ajakuramites. In contrast to Ajakuramavoice  spatial community community of interest’ is defined not by space, but by some common bond feeling of attachment or entity, clubs, church, association, group and rituals together.

“Ajakuramavoice online community of based interested connection, is a social cultural organization platforms that setup by this body, such as facebook, Telegram and whatsapp platforms that enable the community of interest often times intractable,  they develop out of interests in a particular topics, dissemination of information, renderiing assistance to each others, deliberating some pressing issues and easy  access for  communication within the community. It benefit Ajakuramavoice online community of interest ,over place-based communities is that of non-physical access to group involvement, It encourages good relationship, less expensive to interact, quick access to the stranded indigenes ,It updates individuals outside the community. And  enhances fast employment for the job seekers.


We’ve successfully achieved our two initial goals of publishing open data about the Ajakuramavoice aims and objectives  in various  area and demonstrating that in our various publication, there were an engagement of meetings, in  local community, capable of working with that data. But in order to take the project forward to achieve some of our long term goals and ensure some stability, we needed to formalise what we’ve been doing.

Ajakuramavoice, social cultural organization that  advocating and finding immediate solutions to the youth restiveness  and unemployment in Egbema kingdom. The words ‘youth’ and ‘restiveness’ have become so commonly used together in the last couple of years that it seems to have taken on a life of its own. In the last decade and more there has been a proliferation of cases all over the country and indeed the world, of youth agitations which have tons of people dead and valuable infrastructure as well as personal properties lost and destroyed.

It is a phenomenon which in practice by all class of Nigerians both richest and poor, has led to a near breakdown of law and order, low productivity due to disruption of production activities, increasing crime rate, intra-ethnic hostilities, and harassment of prospective developers and other criminal tendencies.

In Nigeria for instance, our Niger Delta region especially our Egbema kingdom which is unarguably, the bedrock of the oil industry in Nigeria for a lengthy period of time as the youths of Egbema tried various means of getting government and oil companies to pay attention to our dire conditions of living and alleviate our sufferings since inception of oil companies and 21st century democracy , the resources which is building the nation is flowing from our land so by virtue of that we  should also be partakers of the benefits all abortive. 

The Unemployment and abandonment of Edo and Delta states government  to Ajakurama town, the traditional headquarter of Egbema kingdom increases youths restiveness in Egbema kingdom, today many are in prison and others in grave, This strife led to a rise in kidnapping and vandalization of oil pipelines as well as other vices that were being perpetrated. After a period of  Years, the Nigerian government intervened and the Amnesty program was created to help deliver some of the promises which government had made to the youths in our areas.


Agitation in Niger Delta is becoming of business of the day, whereby the frontier of the struggle continues enrich themselves and abandoned the main community of interest. The baton of agitation was handed over to the Criminal Minds set of thugs . Increase in the rate of armed robbery attacks, kidnappings as well as unbridled thuggery became the order of the day. This led the untimely death of youths , massacre of communities in the region. 



Ajakuramavoice (AV)  general meeting held at SAPELE,  yesterday went well with us,  Ajakuramites,  from PH,  Warri,  Benin,  Oghara and Sapele were in attendance,  thereby made it colourful. In the meeting,  the following key issues were unanimously agreed,

➡  The area of the two LGA’s  Ajakurama Community fell into,  Warri North, and Ovia South West LGA,   it is said that, our wards are too few and AV,  has took it upon itself to see that something drastic is done to increase our wards and polling units in those two LGA’s. 


➡ We must see that government agents should be brought to the Community,  e,g. Post office and Police post, with that government can be always having the Community at heart.

➡   We observed that Ajakurama  CDC Chairman or the office is silent and it is not known by anybody which ought not to be. So, the office of Ajakurama CDC, must be appointed visibly and show working.

➡The meeting strengthen the leadership of Ajakuramavoice  appointed two advisers, 
1. Mr. Campaign Telate 
2. Mr.  Gbe Dynasty Isaiah,


➡The meeting confirmed the press secretary Comr.  A. Ugami as new press secretary.

The meeting also advised all executive members to take up their duties, or else face suspension,


➡The meeting also called for four additional position, which are Assistant Financial secretary, 
Assistant P. R. O 
Welfare officer.
And  Mobilization officer ,

➡The meeting also agitating for the unity of Ajakuramites, avoid factional struggle in all level of leadership in Ajakurama town.

➡The meeting also plan how to settle the various misunderstanding in Ajakurama community leadership.

➡The meeting call on all the Ex-militants general to live brotherly and struggle together for the development of Ajakurama community, they should avoid the leadership tussle in the community. 
AV,  has said that, the division among the Ajakurama Ex generals should be looked into and settle it,  because,  if there is no unity among themselves, the development of the Community is tied Down in one way or the other.

➡ the meeting call on the Edo Ijaws to nominate candidates for elective position during every election and following up politics in Edo state .


➡ ASIGBORODOR ward warri North local government Area Delta state. 
The meeting outlines some serious challenges Ajakurama community under gone through for last three decade by the bias leadership of Egbemites in time of sharing or allocating  polling units to the communities in Ogbinbiri ward 9, and Opuama ward 7 none of the polling units was allocated to Ajakurama communities under Delta State. People in ASIGBORODOR ward and other communities pay transportation to Ogbinbiri and Opuama community to vote for their choice, this is injustice to the highest order.

➡The meeting also agreed that if our request is not given attention we are going to the street and tell the world our pains.


➡  AV also used this medium to appreciate the good work of our Matron Comr. (Mrs)  Pukegha Juliet Kazeem,  she single handedly  pay for the Executive calendar 2019, we urges everyone to Thank and pray for her.


➡ still apologized for some errors in the calendar,  be ye first batch of the first copy of the calendar, and accept us, we want your continue support to this great move.
The calendar was distributed according to each ware of Ajakurama town.  The nine Ancestral home, each house is one copy,

The T-shirt  was also distributed according to those who paid #2500.

Six members also paid their monthly dues .

The executive nominate Comr. Eric Dinana Ejune as mobilizations officer, waiting for confirmation next meeting.

And lastly,  it is said globally that,  a closed mouth is a closed destiny, so, AV,  has concluded that, it Will start to publish and register our grievances through all the useful means henceforth, be it, on the national or local newspapers, radio houses, television stations and the international bodies ,enough of being i Don’t care attitudes.



SNR. COMR. Mingo F. Saya Meshach

National president 

Engr. Karina Ezekiel 

General secretary 

Chief I. T. W. Frank Beke 
P. R. O 

Long live Ajakuramavoice 

Long live Ajakurama Town. 

Long Ijaw nation 



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